Windshield Repair

Fast And Affordable

Man repairing a windshieldHave that annoying chip in your windshield? We all have them, thanks to our provincial government opting to use gravel instead of sand to put down on our roads. Well, not only are those little chips in the windshield annoying, they can lead to a full blown crack that spreads across your whole windshield. Did you know, that even if your windshield starts to crack, it can still be repaired!

Before you put it off too long, our windshield repair is easy, fast and affordable with Go Auto Glass. You don’t need an appointment just bring your vehicle to us and Go Auto Glass will repair the damage and have you back on your way with a safer windshield in less than half hour.

If by any chance it isn’t repairable, we are the cheapest around, so we can let you know how much it would be to replace, typically around the $200!

Thank you for trusting Go Auto Glass with your auto glass needs and please spread the word.